Clean Up After Yourself!

September 18th, 2018 in Uncategorized

Discard wood and metal studs, scattered nails and screws, sawdust, wire sheathing, dried blobs of mastic now adhered to the floor, broken tiles, triangle-shaped remnants of everything, food wrappers, cigarette butts, knock out rings from electrical boxes, pieces of gypsum board, and a lot of drywall dust. Didn’t your mother ever tell you to clean your room?

Managing waste on a job site is an important process because it affects the efficiency, economics and health/safety of a project. It makes better sense to clean up as you go, as opposed to having a massive, expensive effort at the end. A clean, presentable job site comes down to culture, which is led by the contractor and by ESPA as your construction administrator.

A clean job site preserves the environment and lowers costs. Pallets can be sent back. Cardboard, paper, metal and wood can all be recycled.  Diverting waste reduces fees associated with waste placement in landfills.  In some cases companies will reduce building material cost if they can recycle material from a job site.

A clean job site creates happy neighbors. Keeping debris, dust, noise and trash to a minimum reduces complaints around the job site. Remember, these neighbors will draw conclusions about your firm! They could be tomorrow’s clients.

A clean jobsite is healthier for employees. Contractors and subs should expect a clean, healthy environment in which to work. Let’s reduce pollution and injury on the job by keeping the site clean as we go.

A clean jobsite is safer for everyone. Disposing of potentially dangerous materials (nails, screws, discarded ductwork, broken glass, etc.) immediately will keep visitors to the site safe, reducing our liability and risk.

A clean job site creates happy clients. Customers want to see their dreams come to life, and they will be on the job site at least periodically. This is such an easy way to impress the people who are paying the bills.

A clean jobsite translates into a more positive aftermath. While the job might wrap up on a positive note, a flat tire from an errant nail, or a broken lawn mower from strapping left on the ground will put a sour taste in a client’s mouth really quickly!

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